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Director Message

Rajiv Das
Founder Director

Since its inception in July 2012, Class One Systems has grown significantly in providing technical solutions to R&D sectors in India through our Global Partners who are pioneer in particular technology in the field of Nanotechnology, Semiconductor, Material Science, Electrochemistry globally. Class One Systems grown so significantly that we have expanded from one location to two – and today both the sites in New Delhi and Kolkata are focused on delivering real innovation to Scientists & Researchers.

At Class One Systems, we pursue a systematic study for understanding the fundamental aspects of phenomena with specific applications towards products or services in mind.

Our use-cases are derived from real-world scenarios within the environment we work in, including the market dynamics of India. For example, Graphene is a booming area within the Indian market, and there are unique opportunities for innovation based on insights in this market.

Class One Systems brings world-class expertise in many areas for joint collaboration, we are expanding with innovative services like roof top solar devices for automobiles, flexible electronics like OLEDs, in-house Plant Factory through specific LEDs etc. these areas are strategic areas for Class One Systems, where unique insights lead to innovation that matters.

Primary among these areas are information and knowledge management, systems management, distributed and high performance computing, software engineering, analytics and optimization and the emerging area of service science. The lab boasts a rich talent pool in these areas and an enviable culture of innovation. Our ideas typically germinate from the cross-pollination of multiple scientific disciplines and our insight into real-world needs.

Innovation does not only emerge from inside the lab - but in this era of dynamic change, the best ideas sometimes come from external sources. Therefore, our innovation ecosystem extends beyond the boundaries of the labs. Researchers work closely with global teams in top universities, publish papers and create collaborative relationships through fellowships, grants and shared research programs. Some of our work is specifically targeted to create an open body of knowledge and intellectual property for communities to build upon. This creates a stimulating and collaborative atmosphere that encourages "out of the box" thinking mixed with scientific rigor.

Today at Class One Systems, we have the advantage of being in a unique and dynamic environment. We have the opportunity for robust collaboration with innovative, high-growth local businesses. And we have the benefit of leveraging multiple scientific disciplines to drive an array of research areas. Indeed, this is an exciting time to be working in these fields of research.