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About Us

Class One Systems S&T Pvt. Ltd., is an established company in the field of Nano Technology, Semiconductor, Electro Chemical Analysis Systems and different kinds of Materials, Chemicals & Consumables. Headquartered in Delhi, it has Regional office located in Kolkata.

The dawn of the year 2012 saw us embark upon an enduring relationship with our Principals and customers. A relationship based on flexibility, understanding, mutual respect, commitment and organizational-focus. It is our paramount objective to incorporate these ideals in our association between the technical experts and few product manufacturer to bring the latest technology in India either by developing the product locally in India or through direct import.

Since we established in the Year 2012, we have the opportunity to serve many organization around India, which includes many satisfied Scientists, Researcher & Professors belongs to different Central Universities, Private Universities, State Universities, DAE, DRDO, CSIR Labs, IISERs and in many IITs.

Class One Systems is proud of its people, their performance, their positive attitude towards one another and the company. Class One Systems believes in working as a well-knit TEAM with an attitude of complete trust and understanding. Class One Systems exists for its customers, old and new. It is their belief in us that propels us to achieve greater heights and to continue serving them with sincerity.